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Play Together, Learn Together, Achieve Together, Grow Together

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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

At Newberries Primary School we ‘Play Together, Learn Together, Achieve Together and Grow Together’,  to develop children who are ‘future-ready’ both socially and academically. We interpret ‘future ready’ as having the skills and confidence to progress (academically, professionally or personally) to fulfil individual potential and achieve success. We aim to provide them with the opportunities by delivering a knowledge and skills rich curriculum which is guided by our four drivers:



Driver for Learning – To provide high quality learning experiences, that inspire a love of learning by ensuring that learning is enjoyable, meaningful and relates to real life contexts, including outdoor learning and enrichment activities.


Driver for Community – To provide support and care for individuals, where diversity is celebrated and everyone is valued and treated with respect.


Driver for Growth – To equip our children for the future by enabling independence, motivation and a growth mindset, developing and understanding of the responsibilities they have for themselves and others.


Driver for Values – To enrich our values education by enhancing links within our local, national and global communities.


Children leave Newberries fully prepared for the next step in their lives and beyond. They will have gained a desire to learn and succeed through decision making and self-evaluation as they strive to be lifelong learners.


Curriculum Implementation


Using our drivers as direction, we designed our curriculum to provide our children with the necessary knowledge and skills to be ready for the next step in their learning journey. While our curriculum planning documents show what is taught in each year group and the progressions in each subject throughout the school, these are only part of the provision we offer at Newberries Primary School. Through discussion with our stakeholders, we continually look at ways in which we can offer new and memorable opportunities for our children to learn.


From listening to our pupils, they clearly enjoy working in real-life contexts. With this in mind, we plan lessons and sequences of lessons that are based on current and real-life contexts, responding to world events on global issues including Eco awareness.  Children’s interests are explored through memorable and meaningful cross-curricular themes and links.


We believe our strong values culture gives our pupils the best chance of academic success. The Newberries Values curriculum is incorporated into all areas of school life, promoting effective learning and giving pupils an understanding of how to achieve positive personal, social, moral and economic well-being. There is a clear focus on developing ethical and emotional intelligence, respectful relationships and social cohesion.


We believe learning outside the classroom is as essential to students’ development as learning within the classroom and so ensure our students experience a wealth of extracurricular opportunities including many outdoor learning experiences. Our ‘Explorer Days’ allow children to be taught in outdoor settings and to use initiative and teamwork skills to carry out tasks which are not possible in the classroom.