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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Week Ending 12/05/2023


Last week, on Friday 5th May, as a school we were celebrating the King’s coronation. In Year 3, we created bunting of the Great Britain Flag and in English we wrote about: if I were a King or Queen what we would do to help our world? We looked at the royal family's family tree, we created a timeline of all of the Kings and Queens of England. In the afternoon, the children made amazing crowns from junk modelling and some ‘God save the King’ posters. The children had such a lovely day celebrating the King. At the beginning of this week the children also planted their plants in the Royal garden.

Week Ending 28/04/2023


This week in Year 3, we have been started our new text, Atlas of Adventure, in English. We have been imagining that we are flying to different countries and cities around the world and exploring interesting facts about these places. So far, we have visited Finland, London and Paris.  We created our own passports and ‘stamp’ them with a picture and an interesting fact after each ‘visit’. Here are some example of our passport stamps.

Week Ending 21/04/2023


In Year 3 this week, we have started our new topic on The Romans. We began by exploring different Roman artefacts such as helmets, shackles and gold coins and what they were used for. We are excited to discover more next week. Here is some examples of our work.


Week Ending 24/03/2023


This week, in Year 3 we have been learning about forces in science. We have learned about contact forces and magnetic forces. We particularly enjoyed experimenting with magnets and discovering how and why they work.

Year 3 have also been practising enthusiastically for the Years 3 and 4 production next week. We are excited to perform in front of a ‘real’ audience next week and look forward to showcasing our hard work!


Week Ending 17/03/2023


This week in Year 3, we have had a fun packed week of lots of enrichment days. This week, we have been celebrating Science Week, Red Nose Day and Neurodiversity Week. The children have loved making their aeroplanes, finding out the importance of why we celebrate Red Nose Day and finding out what Neurodiversity Week is about. Neurodiversity is about understanding that everyone is special and unique, the contributions on the carpet in the discussions were amazing to hear. As part of the activity, they drew a picture of themselves then wrote three sentences about what they are good at. They were so lovely to hear!

Week Ending 10/03/2023


This week in Year 3, we printed out an ammonite on a tile. The children really enjoyed it and found it very therapeutic. We definitely have lots of aspiring artists after the art lesson! The skills they had to use were tracing, learning how to use a roller and carving. What another amazing week keep it up!

Week Ending 03/03/2023


This week in Year 3, it has been world book week. The children have loved all of the fun activities linked to the book ‘The Barnabus Project’. I have enjoyed watching their imaginative ideas and creativity this week. All of your costumes have been amazing to see and all super unique!

Week Ending 24/02/2023


Welcome back from half term; I hope you have all had an amazing holiday. This week in Year 3, we have started our new RE topic of Lent. In our first lesson, we learnt all about the importance of Shrove Tuesday. As an activity, we made pancake batter and the children have all bought home some of the mixture to fry and flip it. Brilliant start back, well done this week. Keep it up!

Week Ending 10/02/2023


This week, the children have completed their topic of Rocks, Relics and Rumbles. To end the topic, they have completed a double page spread about what they have learnt throughout all of their lessons. They have used their knowledge organisers, word mats and working walls to help find all the extra information. They all look amazing year 3. Well done!

Week Ending 03/02/2023


This week in Year 3, we have continued to practice our groovy gymnastics routines using the apparatus. The children have enjoyed every minute of creating their own routines in small groups. They have also performed it to each other and peer assessed their performances, giving one target and one thing they loved. Throughout, I have loved watching the children work as team and collaborate to come up with some fantastic routines, they are all unique. Next week, they are going to be performing it for the final time to another adult to show what they have been learning. Keep it up Year 3s!

Week Ending 27/01/2023


This week in PSHE, we have been doing activities to help us understand our emotional literacy for when we are in one of the zones. We have been discussing how it is important to not just understand how we are feeling to help us learn, but also how others are feeling so we can help them get back into the green zone. The children enjoyed completing the three activities pictured below and I have said to them they are more than welcome to teach these activities to family and friends.

Week Ending 20/01/2023


This week in Year 3, in PE we have been doing ‘Groovy Gymnastics’. We have been looking at different types of jumps, balances and leaps. We have also used the gymnastics equipment. The children loved it! All of the children have been put into small groups and have begun to plan a sequence to perform a gymnastics routine. Next week the children will be practising and then performing it during our PE lessons.

Week Ending 13/01/2023


Happy New Year! I have enjoyed seeing everyone back ready to learn after a well-deserved and restful Christmas break. This week in Year 3, we have started our new topic in English which is looking at ‘Traditional Tales’. We have begun reading a book called ‘The Paper Bag Princess’. To start our topic we have been having discussions about what would we find in a traditional tale and the children wrote their own recipes for what they would find. Keep up the amazing work, well done!

Week Ending 16/12/2022


This week in Year 3, we have been enjoying our time out in the snow. As a whole class we decided to make a new member of the class - ‘Dotty the snowdog’. The collaboration and teamwork was amazing to observe. The children had loads of fun and had huge smiles when playing in the snow this week.

Week Ending 09/12/2022


As the end of term is slowly approaching, I have really noticed a huge amount of perseverance and resilience shown by everyone with their work and always showing me that they are in the green zone. Therefore as a treat this week, we had a special visitor that came to hear our end of the day story book. DOTTY!

Week Ending 02/12/2022


This week in Year 3, we went on our amazing school trip to Pizza Express. I hope you have all enjoyed the pizzas! The children made their own pizzas tossing the dough into the air and seeing it be done one of the professionals. This trip was a focus on our D and T topic ‘Cook well, Eat well’. We also were quizzed on how to make pizza dough and what ingredients go into a dough.

Week Ending 25/11/2022


This week, we have been enjoying doing some winter activities in preparation for the ‘Winter Fair’ on Saturday. One of the amazing activities is that we were given the opportunity to go into the hall and have a go at the Year 6 winter games on Friday! They all had lots of fun and it was lovely to see all of their big smiles persevering through all the activities. I hope they all enjoy their little treats!

Week Ending 18/11/2022


This week the children have had a fully packed enrichment week, celebrating ‘Anti-Bullying’ week and ‘Children In Need’. In PSHE we have been touching on why we celebrate anti-bullying which was then followed up with an amazing workshop at the end of the week. All the children loved it! For ‘Children In Need’ the children made book marks and money boxes and it was so lovely to see them all dressed in their spotty clothes.

Week Ending 11/11/2022


This week we have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and we have been learning a song in preparation for an assembly this Friday. We have also had lots of open carpet discussion for them to share their questions and ask more about what it is.

Week Ending 04/11/2022


This week in PSHE, Year 3 have been learning about celebrating differences. We have been discussing that everyone has differences and everyone is unique. As a task, the children completed a portrait of themselves and then wrote sentences about what makes them different.

Week Ending 21/10/2022


This week, we did our art Project for the whole school ‘Through the ages’ topic. We did ours on Pixar movies (2000s). The Pixar movie we chose was ‘The Incredibles’. The children drew a portrait of themselves with a super power to join the Incredibles team.

Week Ending 14/10/2022

It was Mental Health Week this week and to celebrate our differences, we all had the opportunity to come to school dressed in something yellow. It was so lovely to see so many of the children clad in their different yellow attires to mark the occasion! 

Week Ending 7/10/2022


This term, in Year 3, we have been studying different fables. The main story we have looked at to help us develop our knowledge of fables is ‘War and Peas’ by Michael Foreman. The children put on their ‘Rich King’ heads and wrote a persuasive speech to persuade the Lion King to give some food to his country after the battle. Alongside with these amazing speeches they also produced Persuasive posters. Well done year 3, what a brilliant start to the term and year. Keep it up. 

Blogs 2021-22

Week Ending 15/7/2022


This week we have started our Computing topic on algorithms.  We followed an algorithm to draw a house on Google Draw.  We had to be careful though, as the algorithm had mistakes in which we had to find.  We then rewrote the algorithm correctly.


Then we looked at decomposition which is breaking an algorithm down into steps, which is what machines do to perform a function.  To practise this we made up clapping rhythms and recorded each stage so that it would make a sequence.


Then we used Scratch to make an animation of the Owl and the Pussy Cat poem. We learned how to add characters (Sprites), sounds and when we wanted to move the animation.


Still image for this video

Week Ending 8/7/2022


Wow! What a fantastic way to end our Romans topic. Derek came into school today to lead a Roman workshop.  


We were reminded of the history of the Romans and were able to show off what we have spent this term learning.  We were then given swords and shields and pretended to be Roman soldiers. We succeeded in scaring Mrs Silverstone, Miss Lane and Mrs Clark.  Derek also showed us the tortoise shell formation.  After this we were able to handle Roman weapons and wear Roman helmets.


After lunch we handled Roman artefacts and tried to guess what they were used for.  We saw a bottom wiper, a slave manacle, teeth cleaners and a wax and wooden writing tablet. Next, we played a game where we had to guess what foods were eaten by Romans.  We were surprised to find out that Cheesecake was eaten by Romans but pasta wasn’t!

Week Ending 1/7/2022


In Music this week we used Yumu to compose a piece of music to the songs we have been singing this year.  As you can see from the pictures we used musical notation and rhythms.  I will attachtheir yumu passwords to google classroom if they want to do more of this over the weekend.

Week Ending 24/6/2022


On Tuesday we celebrated World Music Day which is a celebration of music around the world.  To celebrate this we spent the whole day partaking in music related activities.


In English we learnt about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and wrote a fact file about his life.  Whilst we were doing this we listened to some of his music.  In Maths we added notes of different values together and played a rhythm game.  In Geography we listened to different music from around the world and tried to guess which country the music was from.  As an art activity, we listened to Bachianas brasileiras No.2, a composer called Villa-Lobos and drew a picture of what it represented to us. We ended the day by having our first whole school singing assembly in 3 years!


We had a lovely day celebrating music.

Week Ending 17/6/2022


We have started our topic on Shapes.  This week we have been learning about the different types of turns - clockwise, anticlockwise, ¼ turns, ½ turns, ¾ turns and whole turns.  We made the most of the lovely weather by going outside and in pairs gave each other instructions on how to turn.


We have also been learning about right angles and angles that are bigger and smaller than right angles.  Again we made the most of the lovely weather by going outside to find right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles in our environment.  We also used sticks to make these angles.

Week Ending 10/6/2022


This week we have finished our topic on Time.  We have been comparing durations, working out start and end times and using time to solve word problems.  We also measured time in seconds.  We went outside and timed ourselves doing different activities.

Week Ending 26/5/2022


This week we have been learning lots about the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  


As part of this we have made Union Jack heart shaped bunting, where we wrapped wool around a heart shaped piece of card.   


On Thursday we had a fun day of Jubilee activities.  In the morning we made a college using pictures to do with London, inside the queen head.  We then made a sun catcher.

Week Ending 20/5/2022


This week in Maths we have moved on to our Time topic.  We recapped o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.  We have been answering questions to do with Months of the Year and hours in the day.  Then we moved on to telling the time to the 5 minutes and 1 minute.

Week Ending 13/5/2022


In English this week we finished our work on The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane.   


We followed instructions to make a natural dye just like Brother Theophane does in the story.


First we cut up some strawberries and then we mashed them with the back of a spoon until we had enough to fill up one cup.  Next we added two cups of water to the mashed strawberries and heated them up until the mixture became thick.  When that had cooled down we strained the mixture to drain the juice and leave the lumps.  Then we wet the pieces of fabric.  After that, we soaked pieces of fabric in the dye overnight.  Finally we hung the fabric out to dry.


Week Ending 6/5/2022


In Music we have been learning our song Bringing Us Together.  We have been playing chimebars along to it and learning to sing and sign the song.  


At the end of the unit I will video their performance so you can see what they have done.

Week Ending 29/4/2022


In Maths we have been carrying on learning about fractions.  This week we have been putting fractions on number lines and finding fractions of sets of objects.  


One of our activities to support this was to draw chalk number lines on the playground in chalk and write fractions on it in the right places.

Week Ending 22/4/2022


In English we have started our new book called The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane which is a lovely story about a young monk who defied the discipline of the monastery and found his own way to express the beauty of the world.


This week we looked closely at the beautiful illustrations of the book and made notes about what we could see.  We also looked closely at the language used, looked up the meanings of unknown words and made a glossary.

Week Ending 1/4/2022


As part of our Stone Age topic we made Neolithic houses in D&T.  We used clay to make cuboids to make the base of the house.  Then we pushed in 4 sticks to make a pyramid shape and tied them together with string.

Week Ending 25/3/2022


We had a visit from Bubbleworks who led a Science workshop for us.  We learned about gravity and lifted table tennis balls with a hair dryer.  We caught bubbles, made and let off small rockets and went into a bubble.  It was so much fun.

Week Ending 18/3/2022


We have had a busy Science this week.  Our Science topic is Light and Shadow.  For this we have been looking at light sources and investigating materials that reflect light.  We also did an experiment to understand the terms Opaque, translucent and transparent and then we made a shadow puppet to look at shadows.


It has also been Science week this week.  For this we did an eggcellent eggsperiment.  We put two raw eggs in bowls and one egg was submerged in water and one egg in vinegar.  Straight away we noticed bubbles surrounding the egg in vinegar which was the acid reacting with the egg shell.  After a few days the egg shell had been disolved by the vinegar.  We noticed that the egg still had its membrane around it which was stopping the yolk coming out.  We also noticed that the egg had got bigger.  The children now know that this happened because of a process called Osmosis, as the water from the vinegar had travelled through the semi- permeable membrane.

Week Ending 11/3/2022


As part of our Stone Age topic we made Neolithic houses in D&T.  We used clay to make cuboids to make the base of the house.  Then we pushed in 4 sticks to make a pyramid shape and tied them together with string.


Week Ending 4/3/2022


This week we celebrated World Book Day and it was lovely to see everyone dressed up.  We spent the whole day taking part in various book based activities.


We were shown the front cover of a book and then we thought about what it could be about and wrote a blurb for it.  We drew a front cover for a book either by copying one from the classroom or one we had at home.


After play we were very lucky because we had the illustrator Axel Scheffler give us a live webinar.  He drew some pictures for us and read us three stories.


In the afternoon, we decorated potatoes as a book character.

Week Ending 25/2/2022


On Tuesday this week we celebrated Twosday as the date was 22.2.22.  In English we wrote rhyming couplets.  Each group was given a cut up version of a poem called My Shadow and the children worked together to write a new poem.  In Maths we did activities based on the number 2.

Week Ending 11/2/2022


In P.E we have been doing Gymnastics.  We worked in groups to practice a routine and then performed it to music to the rest of the class.


Enjoy the video of one group performing their routine.

Gymnastics routine

Week Ending 4/2/2022


As part of our Mountains and Volcanoes topic, in Art we have been looking at mountains. We talked about pictures from artists using art language and did a sketch drawing of Mount Snowdon.


During our last two Art lessons we made a Collograph print of Mount Snowdon. Collagraphy is a really versatile printing process in which a textured plate is inked up and put through a press.


Here is an example of what we did.



Week Ending 28/1/2022


In P.H.S.E we have been working in groups to design a garden for someone with challenges.  For example, people in wheelchairs, people who haven’t go a garden, people who are blind and people who have to stay in hospital.


We each had a role in the group – a team leader, budgeter, landscaper and events planner.  


We thought carefully about who we wanted to design the garden for then drew a design of the garden thinking carefully about keeping in a budget.  Today we then thought about designing an opening event for our garden.

Week Ending 21/1/2022

In English we are reading The Finger Eater by Dick King Smith.  Today we did some work preparing us to rewrite one of the chapters.

We worked in groups to sequence Godrun’s plan.



Week Ending 14/1/2022

In P.S.H.E we have started our new topic Dreams and Goals. In this topic we will be thinking about our dreams and goals. We have already looked at the obstacles that could stop us from achieving our goals and dreams and how we can overcome them. We will go on to talking about how we need to break down our goals into manageable steps.


This week we thought about the dreams and goals that we have and wrote them on petals of a flower.



Week Ending 10/12/2021


In English this week, we carried on with our book called Atlas of Adventures. This week we looked at some festivals around the world. 


We found out about Feria Del Caballo (horse parade in Spain), a hot air balloon in Cananda, Rio Carnival in Brazil, a Lantern Festival in China and Holi Festival in India.  


In groups we made notes on one of these festivals. We then wrote scripts, allocated parts and then recorded the broadcasts. Enjoy listening to one of them.

Week Ending 3/12/2021


In English this week, we have started our new English unit with a book called Atlas of Adventures. We will follow one boy and one girl as they travel to over 30 destinations and discover hundreds of things to spot and facts to learn on every page. As we read this book, we will be working on our English skills ending this unit by writing a leaflet.


This week we started this unit by going on an aeroplane to our first destination Finland.  Here we used a thesaurus to find synonyms for spectacular and we used a range of conjunctions to extend sentences to give more information.



Week Ending 26/11/2021

As part of our Stone Age topic we made Neolithic houses in D&T. We used clay to make cuboids to make the base of the house. Then we pushed in 4 sticks to make a pyramid shape and tied them together with string.



Week Ending 19/11/2021


We have had another busyweek this week.


This week was Inter Faith Week which is an opportunity to bring people with different beliefs closer together. It is a chance to learn about one another and build positive relationships. To mark this Year 3 made logos that represent the different religions.


We also marked Anti-bullying week which is a way of raising awareness about bullying. It is a week during which we learn about bullying and how to deal with it. This week the theme was one kind word.  We were very lucky because Victoria came in to lead an anti-bullying workshop for us.


On Friday we marked Children in Need by joining in with Joe Wick’s live Children in Need workshop, we did some Maths where we had to work out the answers to some questions using addition and subtraction and we did a Children in Need acrostic poem.

Week Ending 12/11/2021


We have been busy this week.


We commemorated Rememberance day by colouring the poppies you can see on the school gate and we did a Rememberance Day watercolour painting.


Mrs Ghadia also taught us about Diwali.  We heard the story of Rama and Sita and Mrs Ghadia told us how she celebrated it.  She also brought in some of her Saris and other Diwali artefacts.


In D&T we continued our Stone Age topic by making Mesolithic houses.

Week Ending 24/09/2021

In conjunction with our topic of The Stone age we have been looking at cave paintings and what was used to create them. We found out that people in the Stone Age used natural materials to create paint. Today in Art we mixed blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and turmeric with water and painted on to a sheet of paper.



Week Ending 17/09/2021

This week we took part in Jeans of Genes day. Jeans for Genes is a charity that is set up to raise money to help children who have a genetic condition. We went to school in jeans, Mrs Traxon led a virtual assembly about it and in class we watched a video about the impact of children who have a genetic condition. We also watched a video about genes and how someone can get a genetic disorder. We then designed some jeans.

Week Ending 10/09/2021


Welcome Year 3!


Year 3 have had a lovely start of the term and have settled well into routines and new expectations.  Highlights this week have been starting our topic The Stone Age, which the children are really enjoying. We have also enjoyed doing some drama as part of one of our English lessons.


At the beginning of the term, we all coloured part of a picture to make this big picture.