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School Circle

Every other Wednesday the children meet in mixed age groups which we call our Circle Groups. Led by Year 6 and facilitated by school staff, the children take part in a short meeting which starts with a warm-up activity before opening a discussion on an aspect of school life.


Our older pupils set an excellent example to our younger pupils through this process, the aim being to give all pupils a chance to share their views about what they like about our school and how we could make it even better. Year Six feed the outcomes of the discussion back to their class which are in turn taken to the relevant staff members so that the pupils’ views can be used to shape future changes in our school.


Recent discussions have included:


  • What books would we like in our Library? (Linking with enjoyment of reading)
  • Ideas for how we can celebrate World Book Day
  • What can be our fundraising theme for Comic Relief?
  • Which sports would you like have competitions for in school? (Sports Premium)